About Us

Welcome to Bowzed

Bowzed is a Hong Kong based digital advertising agency. We focus on pay per click advetising targeting mobile users. We pride ourselves in being able to convert a larger percentage of visitors, getting higher click rates on ads and overall saving our customers money. We return more and our customers pay less. Our specialized in-house developed tracking server allows for this and this is something other firms simply don't have.

At Bowzed we deliver results. Expect massive returns on your advertising investments that will skyrocket your sales.

Bowzed : Our Clients WIN

The way our agreements are structured allows for our company's incentives to be aligned with our clients. When this happens Bowzed's expertise is used fully to aid our clients in their goals.

Bowzed has a proven track record in the advertising industry. We're guessing you didn't find us randomly, but like most of our clients, were referred. We perform well for all our clients and ironically don't even need to advertise for them.

When you become our client, you become family. Expect friendly calls and quick responses to all communications. We work with our clients to deliver things exactly how they want them.

Who is Bowzed

We have been running Pay Per Click campaigns since 2009. When you pay for traffic you can get instant results and feedback. You will instantly know if your sales funnel works and can quickly expand your userbase as much as your budget allows.

We weren't happy with the available tracking tools on the market, so we built our own. Now customers work with us for that very reason. We have the industries best. We understand all the server and client side options available that allow us to beat out the competition everytime.

We are a mobile-centric company. We build everything with mobile in mind first. Our designers and front-end engineers understand this and that allows us to capture mobile leads better than any other agency.

Our industry connections allow us access to traffic sources that other companies would dream of working with. This means that you, our client, have access to customers that your comeptitors don't.

Bowzed Does Everything Tech

Backend Programming
Frontend Programming

Meet The CEO

Jared Bowie


A fascination with big data, smart algorithms and its convergence with advertising brought Jared Bowie into the digital marketing world.